Dio 1, A Country Boy Can Survive. Shot in June, posted Oct 07
    Wild Bill, Cross Country and three green shirts are shot down on their way to the USS Flagg. They try to make their way to safety but are tracked down and attacked by a mixed squad of Cobra troops lead by a CG. One by one the green shirts die heroic deaths, leaving only Bill and Cross Country alive. Bill and Cross Country make a stand at an abandoned Cobra base. From their vantage point Bill and Cross Country are able to take out most of the Cobra force before Cross Country is apparently taken out leaving Bill alone. Bill does an Alamo stand and kills the rest of the Cobra's, all except the CG who gets a chest shot in on Bill. The CG moves in for the kill, but before he can pull the trigger Cross Country jumps in for the save. Cross Country overtakes the CG and seems to have the fight won, but the CG pulls his side arm and shots Cross Country dead. The CG then walks over to bill and readies for the kill. Bill looks on as the CG pulls the trigger, everything goes black as a gunshot rings out in the darkness.

Dio 2,  The Night Before Christmas, December 2007

    Beach Head is home for the holidays. he hears something while he is putting up decorations and goes to check it out. He gets the jump on a small squad of Cobra troopers trying to steel his ATV. Holding them at gun point Beach Head builds them a fire and feeds them. After they are feed and warm, Beach Head throws away his gun, wanting a fair fight, or feeling the spirit of the holidays. The battle is quick and Beach Head is victorious. later, Hawk and some other Joes arrive at Beach Head's to exchange Christmas gifts. They are surprised when Beach Head shows them the small squad of Cobra's he has wrapped up for them.

Dio 3, Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda. Chapter 1, Shot in Fall 07, posted Dec 07

    In Borovia, Duke, Leatherneck, Tunnel Rat, Lady Jaye, Road Block, Stretcher and two green shirts hide in the tall grass waiting on Cobra Commander. Although outnumbered by the cobra forces, Duke sees this as a perfect opportunity to capture Cobra Commander. Leatherneck voices his opinion as to it being a bad idea, but Duke states that he is the one in command. Once the battle starts things quickly go wrong. Two green shirts are KIA, Lady Jaye, Road Block and Stretcher are badly wounded. Duke calls for a withdraw and runs from the battlefield leaving the dead and wounded behind. Leatherneck and Tunnel Rat carry the wounded to safety.

Dio 4, Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda, Chapter 2, Shot Oct 07 posted Dec 07

    Three weeks later at a hidden location, Sci-Fi and Lowlight arrive for a meeting with Duke, Tunnel Rat and Leatherneck. Duke informs the others about the mission they are about to undertake. The mission, Duke explains is to take out a war criminal. Days later the group, without Duke arrive in Trucial Abysmia. They talk about their displeasure with Duke and this mission, but decide to follow it through. Back at GI Joe HQ, Hawk and Duke have a meeting about dukes possible discharge and the disappearance of Leatherneck, Tunnel Rat, Sci-Fi and Low Light. On the Cobra side of things Cobra Commander and Mindbender have a meeting about Mindbender continuing his cloning experiments, and his next clone, Hitler.

Dio 5, Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda, Chapter 3, Shot in Jan & posted Feb 08

    Hawk meets with Stalker and tells him to prep a team for a mission. Elsewhere Destro, the Baroness, the twins, Voltor and Darklon catch Cobra Commander coming from a meeting. Destro tells him that he and the others are going away for a mission and cannot be reached. Days later at the arctic Hawk, Stalker, and a squad of Joes await an old friend of Hawk's, who supposedly has proof of a traitor in the Joe team. Zartan and Firefly spy on them as Hawk's friend arrives and starts to show Hawk the proof. Before he can, Firefly shoots Subzero and Zartan throws an explosion in the middle of the Joe team. During the commotion Zartan gets away with the file proving who the traitor is. Four of the Joes take damage from the explosion. Hawk sends Cover Girl away with the wounded as he, Quick Kick, Gray Wolf and Blacksmith go to track down Zartan and get the file back. Back at Joe HQ Wild Bill awakes to the faces of Lifeline and Doc. They tell him how the Joes saved him at the last moment and that Cross Country is alive too. Back at the Arctic Hawk and the others have tracked down Zartan, but Firefly and the Dreadnoks ambush hawk and company and a fight breaks out. The fight is short but fierce with no apparent side gaining the upper hand. Both sides notice how the snow had picked up and the danger is real. They decide to call an end to the battle and go their separate ways. 

Dio 6. Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda, Chapter 4, Shot & posted June 08

    Back at Trucial Abysmia Leatherneck, Tunnel Rat, Sci-Fi and Lowlight still wait for their target. The wait is short as the target, along with some men arrive. Not long after Destro and company arrive too. Destro and the target exchange brief words before Destro departs. Once Destro has gone Sci-fi takes a very remarkable long range shot to puts down the target. Joes make ready and hastily depart.

Dio 6, Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda, Chapter 5, Shot July & posted Aug 08

    Cobra Commander meets Mindebender in his office and they talk about a meeting, and Destro and company arrive back at Cobra HQ Elsewhere Duke and Falcon are walking through a hallway when Beach Head, Law and Mutt stop them. Beach Head explains that they orders from Hawk to hold Duke until he arrives. Tempers flare as Flint arrives on the spot. A short scuffle breaks out before Hawk arrives to put a stop to it. As Duke tries to point out Flints manners Hawk grabs him and the two exchange words. It is a very brief encounter and Hawk walks away, as he does so Flint in a last act decks Duke a final time. Duke and Falcon are lent in the hall talking about what just transpired.

Dio 7, Worlds Asunder/Hidden Agenda, Chapter 6, Shot & Posted Aug 08
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